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Tarryn came to us a few years ago now and was hugely credentialed in the field of Property Management.

We didn’t really have anything in mind for her but as we are not one’s to let good people pass us by, we snaffled her up to look pretty and smile.[JOKES]!!

For the first 12 months Tarryn was predominantly in administration and customer service but after a shuffle around with staff Tarryn finally found herself in the Accounts department – SO MUCH YASS!!!

Tarryn is right at home with the checks and balances in Accounts and literally has been known to stay awake at night over 5 bucks. Yep we really have found her her dream job – and to top it all off she is now overseeing our restructured Property Management department, getting right back to her real estate roots.

Tarryn is quiet and measured. / Hang on strike that, no she’s not – shes a quiet achiever, a reformed tea totaller [who now enjoys the occasional vodka sunrise] and a mum of 2 beautiful little ladies, Hazel and Hannah. She has also been known to tear up the dancefloor, loves musical theatre and a disney singalong [who doesn’t], steals any chocolate left lying around and makes a mean desert. [yes please]

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