Why Millenials Should Jump Into The Property Market

In today’s market, there are all sorts of people who seek to buy a home for investment purposes.

According to Digital Finance Analytics’ 2015 Household Survey, just under one million households own investment property without building any kind of portfolio, while 178,000 households have a collection of investment properties.

These range from people in their 40s and 50s pondering their retirement strategy, to young professionals trying to get a foot in the market early.

With this in mind, some interesting research has recently turned up on the behaviour of the millennials, which highlights the importance for them to seriously consider investing in real estate.

Millennial Falcon

People generally branded as millennials are those born sometime between 1980 and 2000, and seem to hold different values and objectives to the generations that came before.

Deloitte’s millennial Survey of 2016 revealed that this group of people tends to be far less attached to traditional career-based goals and more on personal development.

Just under half of the millennials surveyed expect to change workplaces within two years. Simultaneously, roughly one in five actually intend to stay with their present employer for more than five years.

So, what does this all mean? As David Hill, chief operating officer from Deloitte Australia, suggested, millennials are more independent and more assertive concerning what they seek, wanting their work to have purpose beyond turning a profit.

They are also unafraid to simply seek employment elsewhere until they find a fulfilling line of work.

Plan B

If you’re a millennial yourself and share this sense of free-spiritedness, you may just benefit from buying real estate for investment purposes. It’s likely that this sense of personal independence may not disappear as the decades roll by, and it’s important to have financial backing in the instance that you choose to drop jobs to pursue another passion.

Investment real estate is a practical solution that provides you with a secondary stream of income when your cash flow is erratic or you simply need extra cash to pay the bills.

Furthermore, having a valuable asset that only really goes up in value over time is a great parachute to pull in time of financial need.

CoreLogic RP Data’s most recent Market and Housing Update shows that the median price of Australian property was $600,000 by January – a result of a market that, aside from a few slight dips, has only really trended upwards since 1998.

This means that investing early could earn you that sweet pay out later down the line, if you want to move in a completely different life direction.

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