Thank You John Howard

Once again, members from Australia and New Zealand gathered for your network’s Convention in Cairns, where keynote speaker, John Howard OM AC received a rock star welcome! A groundswell of new members represented fresh energy and a changing of the guard, while long-term members upheld network traditions, and principal Bill Austin (Castle Hill, NSW) attended his first Convention for many years! Great to see you Bill.

Former Prime Minister, John Howard spoke about the four ingredients of leadership, the Australian economy, interest rates, US politics and negative gearing. His commentary attracted strong media coverage, gaining First National brand exposure via Channel 7 News, The Cairns Post, The Real Estate Conversation, Real Estate Business Online, Real Estate View and

Our Chief Executive, Ray Ellis addressed members concerning housing and the economy, the threat of digital disruption, the march of technology and your network’s response, First National’s toolbox, and the network’s future – these important topics received considerable praise, both from members and the local Cairns business community.