Consumer Focus Drives Online Growth

First National Real Estate has capped a year of revolutionary digital advances with a 350 per cent increase in organic traffic to its national website, a 62 per cent surge in first time customers, a lift in social media customer engagement of 192 per cent, and a national Facebook fan base soon to exceed 70,000.

A combination of strategic alliances, a new national website and an integrated social media strategy has extended the network’s leading edge.

Last February, First National Real Estate led the real estate industry in Australia with the launch of its mobile responsive website.

We addressed the need for customers with smart phones and tablet computers to easily access our website and its property listings, but we also did something no other network had done; we introduced comprehensive content that answers the questions consumers are asking about real estate.

Customers are searching for real estate information and properties for sale or lease in real time; while they’re commuting, when they’re delayed, and in their spare time. By putting their interests first, answering their questions, and making it even easier to view our listings, unique customer interactions have surged 182 per cent and our property views are running at record highs.

First National Real Estate says an additional 12,000 first time customers are visiting its national website every month, with its ‘Looking to Rent’ advisory resources proving the most popular part of its site. However, consumers are also showing strong interest in information about hobby and lifestyle farms as well as the website’s property investment sections.

International visits are also up, with resources about buying property in Australia also attracting a large amount of enquiry from England, the South Pacific, South East Asia, the United States, Canada, India and China.

Social media has played a contributing role in the growth of First National Real Estate’s profile, with more than two thirds of the network’s membership now directly engaging with customers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, increasingly, Google+.

Social media is now a legitimate customer service channel and our approach is making First National Real Estate more accessible to a younger, tech savvy customer base in addition to our traditional customer base.

Some people still aren’t sure about social media but it has now been with us for 14 years, Facebook for 10 of those, and there are now billions of people who have never lived without it. More than that, the fastest rate of take-up is amongst 45 to 54 year olds.

Whether you use social media personally or not, it’s what’s coming over the hill and we believe we must take every step possible to ensure we’re using the medium properly to maintain the leading edge in real estate.